25 Feb
Riskers opens its first point of sales in Paris !
Riskers opens its first point of sales in Paris !

 For the opening of its first point of sale, Riskers would like to introduce you to Emile Léon, a jeweler and watchmaker, and their first official retailer.


Riskers: Why did you choose Riskers?

Emile Léon: First, I have always been keen to find new watch brands that can coexist with the more well-known market players. It is all about finding the right balance between  novelty and something new. The Riskers adventure is original both in terms of its branding and its product. There is a real desire to do things differently, to innovate and to tell a powerful story.


Riskers: How did you discover us?

Emile Léon: As I told you, I am always on the lookout for something new. Riskers has had a lot of support from the press. I know trusted journalists who have told me about this little nugget, put together by former members of the Richemont group.


Riskers: What are the values of Riskers that speak to you the most?

Emile Léon: At my level, it is risk-taking that has brought me to where I am today. I am a jeweler at heart and my family specializes in jewelry. I started from scratch in watchmaking. I am proud of my career path because I  wanted to give new players a chance to enter what is a very competitive market. I have also been able to accompany major brands in their growth.


Riskers: What is your favorite watch?

Emile Léon: The Prolog 1 with its vintage accents and blue hands! Its ambassador, Albert Roche, was someone no one could have expected (laughs)!


Riskers: Which detail of the watch do you like best?

Emile Léon: There is of course the bezel which takes us back to the icon of watchmaking: the pocket watch. The 12 also stands out and reminds us of the legendary trench watch. And those beautiful curves which make these watches so pleasant to wear!


A little word from the Riskers:

Riskers: What motivates the opening of a sales point?

Thomas: Meeting Emile Léon was, first and foremost, an encounter with an enterprising man, someone both passionate and convinced by the Riskers adventure. We very quickly felt a human affinity. A shared vision: the client is at the heart of his approach, which is both warm and  of human proportions.


Pierre: Our encounter was based on common values. Emile is an entrepreneur who has taken risks and is committed, to going beyond his comfort zone by choosing new watch brands. We therefore believe that Riskers will have a real ambassador on site!


Thomas: There is finally a coherent positioning. Riskers will find itself in a quality location, alongside established and independent brands.  Emile Léon has taken great care to integrate complementary brands which adhere to areal standard of quality.


Riskers: What do you expect from the opening of this first point of sale?


Thomas: We are keen to offer a comfortable on site meeting place to our Parisian friends wishing to try out our models. They will be welcomed by experts in a setting that combines both elegance and conviviality. It is important to us that they have an experience to matche the brand.


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