The News often gives us a perception of a deeply individualistic and egocentric World. Fortunately, yet there are still great men : ordinary citizens, whose acts of courage or dedication in the service of others, inspire us and give us confidence in the future.

Born of heroism and inspired by ordinary men doing extraordinary things, Riskers brings out the hero in each of us.

We design and manufacture authentic timepieces to inspire, encourage, celebrate and share everyday acts of courage, whatever they may be.

Because bravery often requires a transformation that is reminiscent of the watches it inspires, Riskers has chosen for its motto : “DESIGN FOR BRAVERY”.

Riskers draws on and embodies three values from the trenches :

ACCESSIBILITY. Ordinary men, anonymous and simple, who do more than they say. Riskers is equally accessible in its product offer, its communication and its openness to others.

BRAVERY. That which pushes us to go further. To dare. To leave our comfort zone. Each to their own limits. Riskers celebrates all acts of bravery, according to each and everyone’s own capacity. It builds us up and move us forward.

ALTRUISM. Riskers act for others and not out of a need for thrills. They go beyond themselves for the group. The brand seeks to embody this altruism by offering financial backing to the causes supported by its ambassadors.

The Logo embodies Riskers’ philosophy. It shows a group of men advancing with an anonymous person in the lead… not to put himself ahead, but to be the first to take the risk, and to protect those who follow. The group doesn’t let him go ahead alone… they follow, Man for Man.


Each Riskers watch is associated with an ambassador and a cause. Riskers supports each of these causes, by donating part of the proceeds from the sales of each associated watch. One watch, one ambassador, one cause.