24 Sep

Two years ago, Riskers embarked on an adventure with a great designer and friend: Malo Le Bot. The mission was difficult and demanding: to launch a brand from the ground up! The adventure was ambitious: to create an artistic and aspirational universe animated by real life stories, with real anonymous heroes. In short, the desire was to do everything differently, from start to finish.


The logo had to carry an air of adventure, far removed from stereotypical corporate approaches. We took our time. What good memories we have of the team sitting around, on a floor strewn with storyboards, sharing a beer! So many passionate discussions, such a strong desire to make things work. The logo took shape during the course of a story… A group of people moving forwards, united, with a risker, represented by the letter “K”, up front. A Malo leading the artistic direction of our dream and bringing it to life.


We then attacked the watch. We wanted to make it a vehicle of emotions and meaning. We saw sketches, then realizations in 2D, and then 3D. Then we saw 3D impressions, then waxes, then prototypes… Malo realized our dream with a product offering a unique creation at a time when watchmaking was all following the same inspirations. 


All that remained was to create the packaging, with the desire to make it a surprise, an emotion… Nothing like anything else on the market. Malo imagined a travel kit. A luxury object with a design subtly evoking the world of the trenches… Then the instructions for use and the warranty cards.


Finally, Malo succeeded in embodying the Riskers universe. We opted for an illustrated one. We used it everywhere, from the web site to our social network postings. With the help of the talented Maylis. In the end, it’s a great invitation – for those who cross the Riskers path – to go on an adventure.


Hats off to the artist! More challenges await!