25 Nov

Tell us about yourself, Mélanie ?


My name is Mélanie MENEZ and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am doing a Master’s degree

in Marketing and Communication at IPAC,while doing an apprenticeship with Riskers.

Since I was a child I have been passionate about fashion and design, constantly creating

and imagining new looks and outfits… of all styles and inspired by my desires. I also love to travel to discover new things and new cultures.


What is the biggest risk you have taken in your life?


Probably the year, at the age of 19, I decided to move to London to live on my own. It was

an enriching human experience that gave me self-confidence and allowed me to make new

friends from all over the world. Friends who agreed to share their culture and traditions with

me, to the point that I forgot how homesick I was. I think that this expatriation, this great risk,

helped make  me the person I am today.


What are the challenges for an apprentice at Riskers?


As with many other apprentices, being able to put into practice already acquired theory, and

above all being able to reconcile my studies with a full-time job. It is also a question of

knowing how to accurately transcribe the RISKERS universe – a strong and impactful

universe – for our social networks’ community… bringing it to the public’s attention.


What attracts you to the Riskers adventure?


The Riskers universe in general, but above all, the human side of Riskers. This is what first

impressed me when I discovered the brand. The chance to work for a company that spends

every day working for associations, thanks to a part of their sales, is a great source of pride

to me. Not forgetting, of course, the stories Riskers tell: stories of ordinary men and women

doing extraordinary things!