18 Mar
Portrait - Edouard, Commercial & Business developer
Portrait – Edouard, Commercial & Business developer

Tell us about yourself Edouard?

My name is Edouard GONNELLAZ, I am  24 years old and doing a Master’s degree in Management & International Business at IPAC in Annecy, while also pursuing an apprenticeship at riskers.

As a sports and adventure enthusiast, I like being active and discovering new things. During my previous studies and professional experiences, I had the opportunity to live in several European countries, where was able to discover different cultures, each as enriching as the next.

I am also a lover of watches. 

What is the biggest risk you have taken in life?

So far, the biggest risk I have taken  would probably be when  at the age of 19, when I went to live abroad alone. After trying law school, I decided to move to the south of England to Lewes to improve my English. Once there, I met people from all over the world who taught me a lot on the personal front and help opened my mind. Going into the unknown was not easy but taking the risk and getting out of my comfort zone gave me confidence and help me to become more mature. It also paved the way for my professional project which is  to evolve in an intercultural environment.

What are the challenges for an apprentice at RISKERS?

Most apprentices encounter the same prerogatives, investing themselves completely in a company, while not abandoning their studies. However, one challenge that not everyone has is being able to share the strong and inspiring world of Riskers.

What attracts you to the RISKERS adventure?

The story of the brand which highlights people like you and me doing extraordinary things is the first thing that immediately appealed to me. Also, the fact that a part of their sales is redistributed to associations makes me proud and motivates me every morning to do my best at work. Not forgetting that the Riskers team in its entirety, has great human and professional qualities, which makes the adventure even more exciting!