24 Apr

Tell us about yourself, Clara?

My name is Clara Rey. I’m 23 years old and I’m in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Digital Communication in Geneva.

I’m always looking to get occupied somehow, usually accompanied by my dog or on a horse. I spend most of my time thinking about new ideas or improving existing projects.


What is the biggest risk you have taken in your life?

Probably when I decided to leave the University of Geneva during the first year of my Bachelor degree. At the risk of losing a year, I preferred to take the time to look for an academic structure that would meet my professional aspirations. The practical aspect of the course seemed essential to me. So I searched for a course which combined both theory and practical studies and chose CREA Geneva for my Bachelor’s degree. The course offers integrated internships and had an extremely interactive teaching dynamic. It was therefore ideal for me!


What are the challenges for an intern at Riskers?

The main challenge for me will be to apply my theoretical knowledge outside of the school setting. The Riskers universe is powerfuland has a strong impact, so my mission will be to spread their message accurately. I am lucky to join Riskers at the outset of its existence , which means Iam able to watch the brand grow and evolve in its ecosystem.


What attracts you to the Riskers adventure?

What attracts me most to the Riskers adventure is the integration of a human dimension into the world of a magnificent product. The stories of ordinary men who show so much bravery! It’s a source of inspiration and aspiration. Riskers products express themselves in symbiosis with the exploits of these unsung heroes.