15 Jan
Mutual Mountain Assistance (Entraide Montagne)
Mutual Mountain Assistance (Entraide Montagne)

In 2009, a young sergeant is deployed in Afghanistan with a unit of the Mountain Troops. Five months later, an improvised incendiary device explodes in his path. Seriously wounded, he is undergoes amputation, followed by military honours, and an arduous medical journey. The young man retains his warrior spirit and goes on to surpasse himself with mountain ascents and high-level competition…

When faced with situations of distress, “Entraide Montagne” intervenes to support those who have given their all, risking their mental or physical health and often their lives. They intervene by supporting, but also by giving perspective and maintaining the link, the solidarity!

To support its Mountain Troops, the association multiplies its inputs in addition to public aid: “telephone contact and periodic visits;one-off financial aid; participation in the cost of transport and accommodation for families; participation in the purchase of specific disability equipment; participation in orphans’ school fees; participation in retraining costs; help with excess medical fees; the follow up of legal cases”.

Entraide Montagne is run by an office composed entirely of dedicated volunteers! The association has 6’500 members and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.
For this occasion a special subscription has been set up!

Riskers finds a real echo in this cause of their partnership with the Mountain Troops. We are pleased to support Entraide Montagne with a share of the sales of our Chapter 2 model, which is dedicated to them.